The Saga of Reverend Magdalen

As swiped wholesale from the copy of the High Weirdness Project pages. Much of this is obsolete.


As of August 14th, 2007, custody of Reverend Magdalen's son has been awarded to her, pending the outcome of an upcoming felony hearing (drunk driving) for the boy's father. (He was subsequently sentenced to eight months incarceration, but was released after serving only one month.) Please see the latest news at the bottom of this page.

After custody was initially awarded to the father on July 6th, 2007, a month of wild, chaotic, unexpected developments unfolded. See: Reverend Magdalen Part 2

After things had settled down throughout the summer of 2008, the ashes were stirred once again in August of 2008. See: Reverend Magdalen Part 3